About Us:

Shades of Sisterhood was established for women just like yourself, who aspire to live purposefully and to walk in the company of other women striving to make a difference in their community while accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves spiritually, financially and mentally.


Can you just imagine being included in a ​sisterhood dedicated to encouraging women to walk in their God-given purpose? Our organization is a private community where women can feel safe to share their journey, share their story and learn to support one another with their dreams and goals. Shades of Sisterhood is committed to making sure no woman has to travel their journey alone, as we will be there to encourage our sisters every single step of the way.

By applying God's word to strengthen our faith, we will then start to realize the true power we have to reach our full potential.

Join our sisterhood of ladies and take an active role in the Chapters.  Whether you are a College Student, Wife, Mom, Single Mom, Career Professional; this organization is beneficial to you as we are a support unit for one another as we navigate this journey called Life.

As a non-profit organization, Shades of Sisterhood Inc. is supported solely through memberships and contributions.  Your membership will enable us to continue to thrive and provide community service, programs, and other tools and resources to help each member grow in their spiritual, personal and professional life.  

Shades of Sisterhood Inc. (Formerly national Association of Virtuous Women Inc) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing platforms for women of faith, purpose and power.   Cash and property contributions to Shades of Sisterhood Inc are tax-deductible; Tax ID #: 47-3376215.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc  is appreciative for the participation of  all members, the community businesses, volunteers, entertainers, vendors, guest speakers and facility providers for always making our events a success. We are always open to more new members, venues, vendors, entertainers, volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations for our programs.  Anyone interested in providing any of the above mentioned items to our 501 C 3 Non-Profit, should email Laura@shadesofsisterhood.org or call her at 704.605.9019

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