Come out and join us at this amazingly spectacular networking brunch that Shades of Sisterhood has put together! All women are welcome to attend, however it is mandatory to RSVP! If your name is NOT on the list, there is no guarantee there will be room for you. 

Any questions you can contact any member below:

       Nadine Henry @ 704.231.4127, Events Director

       Kelly Shepherd-Watts @ 917.435.7791, National Director

       Laura T. Tate @ 704.605.9019, Founder

Shades of Sisterhood Inc. (Formerly national Association of Virtuous Women Inc) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing platforms for women of faith, purpose and power.   Cash and property contributions to Shades of Sisterhood Inc are tax-deductible; Tax ID #: 47-3376215.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc  is appreciative for the participation of  all members, the community businesses, volunteers, entertainers, vendors, guest speakers and facility providers for always making our events a success. We are always open to more new members, venues, vendors, entertainers, volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations for our programs.  Anyone interested in providing any of the above mentioned items to our 501 C 3 Non-Profit, should email or call her at 704.605.9019

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