Become a City Leader

Creating a Sisterhood of the Nation's Most Positive Women!

Could YOU be the next SOS City Leader?  City leaders believe in the strong arms of friendship, community, and the just plain fun of being together.  City Leaders exude kindness, grace, humility, gentleness, patience and generosity, and loves the simple pleasures in life.  City Leaders are loyal and caring, especially when it comes to her family, friends, and community.   She gives generously of her time and talents. She loves to get together to share her ideas.  She prays every day for her friends, family and the success of her business.

So, gather up your BFF's and join in the fun of JOINING OUR MOVEMENT!  Click on the “Become a City Leader HERE” link above to apply.

What do we look for in a leader?

  • A woman of faith

  • A positive attitude and willing to encourage others

  • Great organizing skills

  • Ability to host small gatherings and events

  • Passionate about empowering and serving women

  • Desire to be a good leader

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Commit at least 10-15 hours per month

  • Committed for a minimum of 1 year with no other volunteer or leadership commitments in a similar ministry

City Leader Benefits

We love our City Leaders and we reward them for growing their chapters with commissions, perks, rewards, advancement opportunities, and the ability to lead an amazing community while also growing their existing business.


City Leader Responsibilities

The responsibilities include: planning and hosting monthly chapter meetings, building and managing memberships within the city, building and managing the leadership team, promotion, social media, attending monthly online leadership meetings and/or trainings, providing support enthusiasm, positivity, engagement, support to members of their chapter and fellow members of their fellow City Leaders family.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc. (Formerly national Association of Virtuous Women Inc) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing platforms for women of faith, purpose and power.   Cash and property contributions to Shades of Sisterhood Inc are tax-deductible; Tax ID #: 47-3376215.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc  is appreciative for the participation of  all members, the community businesses, volunteers, entertainers, vendors, guest speakers and facility providers for always making our events a success. We are always open to more new members, venues, vendors, entertainers, volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations for our programs.  Anyone interested in providing any of the above mentioned items to our 501 C 3 Non-Profit, should email or call her at 704.605.9019

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