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Shades of Sisterhood Inc is looking to partner with companies and individuals that carry a commitment to empower women (especially single moms), to encourage leadership, and to seek out opportunities for advancement in education, health/wellness and wealth just to name a few.             

I encourage you to complete and submit the form below to receive more information about Sponsorship and Vendor Opportunities. 


Helping disadvantaged single mom families during a mother’s pursuit of her financial independence  When a single mom transitions out of homelessness into her own residence, her family situation often becomes worse before it gets better.  In addition to her new home and job or business, she has to attempt to live on inadequate financial resources while maintaining a household, managing transportation challenges, and nurturing her children. She is juggling school, family and work while facing loneliness, isolation, and low self-esteem. Together, these are significant challenges that often converge and can lead to depression and anxiety. In order to facilitate success, Shades of Sisterhood’s Sister 2 Sister program provides a supportive helping hands!

Program benefits for our moms

  • Discounted Hair Salon Services

  • Holiday gifts

  • Home repair/Moving

  • Lawn care

  • Car repair

  • Babysitting

  • Providing transportation to appointments

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Budget management

  • Optional mentoring and tutoring

  • Single Moms Network – monthly meetings

  • Professional Coaching

  • Legal counsel

We at Shades of Sisterhood Inc look forward to working with you and building a prosperous relationship with your company.

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