LAURA TATE is a wife, mom and a woman after God’s Heart! She is a woman who knows and proudly walks in her purpose. In 2014 after attending the Church of Christ State Lectureship that was held in Greensboro, it finally hit her what she should be doing with her life. 
A statement that she remembers from the lectureship was simply, if whatever you are doing is not aligned with God or doesn’t glorify God, then you are doing it in vain!! It is then that Laura decided it was time to let go of her then company “Strictly Bizness” and move forward into something greater than herself. It was time to step out of her comfort zone and motivate, empower, and uplift other women going through tough times. She realized that there was a lot of hate among women and there was a lack of true sisterly love’ *The National Association of Virtuous Women Inc. was born!
The passion inside of her, the want to see all women tap into their purpose and succeed in all areas of their lives, has been life changing and rewarding.
Laura is in the ministry of strengthening communities one leader at a time through spiritual, personal and professional development, entrepreneurship and access to sustainable resources.  She believes that together, we can create strategies and solutions for success, build harmony into everyday life, form a true sisterhood, build up our faith and focus on a clear vision that leads to outstanding results.
Laura has a vision that every woman who commits to claiming her life of abundance and joy, who believes that the process is achievable and desires to make a difference, will have just that...a fulfilling life based on God’s definition of success.  
*The National Association of Virtuous Women is Now OFFICIALLY: Shades of Sisterhood Inc.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc. (Formerly national Association of Virtuous Women Inc) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing platforms for women of faith, purpose and power.   Cash and property contributions to Shades of Sisterhood Inc are tax-deductible; Tax ID #: 47-3376215.

Shades of Sisterhood Inc  is appreciative for the participation of  all members, the community businesses, volunteers, entertainers, vendors, guest speakers and facility providers for always making our events a success. We are always open to more new members, venues, vendors, entertainers, volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations for our programs.  Anyone interested in providing any of the above mentioned items to our 501 C 3 Non-Profit, should email or call her at 704.605.9019

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