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Welcome to Shades of Sisterhood

We want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible bonds and support within our community. You are the heart and soul of Shades of Sisterhood, and we are grateful for your presence.  Today, we want to talk about the power of being an active member and the incredible benefits it brings to each and every one of us. 💪❤️


Being active in Shades of Sisterhood means more than simply being a member. It means fully immersing yourself in the spirit of sisterhood, embracing the collective strength we possess, and uplifting one another. It's about forging meaningful connections, inspiring each other, and making a positive impact within our community and beyond. 🌟


Are you looking to be a part of an empowering, uplifting Sisterhood? Look no further than Shades of Sisterhood Inc! Founded in 2015 in Charlotte NC, we are dedicated to helping women reach their highest potential and create meaningful connections. Don't miss your chance to join - the deadline to apply for membership is June 1

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