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Mimosa Brunch Meet & Greet

On January 25th, 2020,  over 20 dynamic entrepreneurs, professionals, influences and just down right magical beautiful women gathered in the Queen City at Hickory Tavern for none other than to brunch, share and commingle. Not only did we get our fill of #mimosas and good food, but we were also able to share our stories, wins, losses and lessons learned. We laughed, cried and embraced each other like true sisters! Many connections were made.

Magical is an understatement.

What makes Shades of Sisterhood So Special?

Although each and every woman who attends an SOS event is unique in her own right, we all have something in common. We are women who are actively seeking growth in all areas of our lives that makes us better and greater.

We all invest in ourselves because that FIRE for life, our FAITH for the unknown, and our DESIRE & COMMITMENT to build community is simply that strong.

We prioritize self-love, and the beauty that manifests when we are able to connect and vibe with other women of the same mind.

We welcome and embrace women from ALL walks of life. Any woman who joins Shades of Sisterhood Inc is a living, breathing, thriving community of exceptional women from far and wide. 

So, Why a Sisterhood Brunch?

We all have a story! So, why not share our stories at an event that felt familiar, and brunch is just that! It gives you that tingly feeling of nostalgia and excitement. Women from all over the Queen City and beyond came together to indulge in fresh-squeezed orange juice, champagne, tasty food from the menu at Hickory Tavern. The best part was the overwhelming sense of empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to connect, learn and grow. That's the kinda sisterly magic you cannot fake: Sisterhood: it's either there or it's not. PERIODT!

Thank You!

Shades o Sisterhood would love to thank the women who support our mission to build a dynamic and thriving community and safe space. Without you, Shades of Sisterhood would not be HERE today! Thank you to Nadine Henry, Owner of Affairs to Remember for making arrangements with Hickory Tavern who hosted us on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

The food was good, music was flowing, and the lighting was... LIT! (See what I did there?) LOL

All in all, the Sisterhood Brunch was very therapeutic. Community is alive. It's visible. It's accessible. Thank you to each and every woman who makes up the Shades of Sisterhood community, whether you are an official member in one of our chapters, meetup or Facebook, you deserve a HUGE 'WELCOME, SIS' to those join us. Need a support friend? Join our sisterhood as we take time out to empower and uplift women who have been through hell and back and just need a friend. You are not alone through your struggles, there are several other women who have been through enough too. It's time to get up and get back to living. Lets celebrate moving forward. Join us here at

See more pics on our Facebook Page.

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